The Guidance Center of Calayan Educational Foundation Incorporated envisions itself to be a highly functional center for human growth and development which will be of excellence in its various services that will nurture learners to become responsible, self-reliant and value-oriented individuals.


The center is committed to enhance students’ capability to make wise decisions for themselves particularly when confronted with problems and to assist students in their personal, social and academic development through adequate and responsive services / programs.


The Guidance Center aims to:

  • Assist students in achieving institutional goals through helping them become aware of their mental and physical capabilities so they will better understand themselves.
  • Assist them in setting up worthy educational and vocational goals so they will become better members of the society.
  • Provide the students personalized assistance to enable him to make necessary adjustments in life which are agreeable to him and to the milieu where he belongs in order to maintain his well being.
  • Develop and maintain a harmonious relationship between the faculty and students for the attainment of a higher level of success in life.