The College of Nursing is committed to the holistic development of nursing students through a broad general education program and consistently updated nursing curriculum for responsible performance as citizens of the Filipino society, country, and global community

The College of Nursing envisions itself to be the center of learning in nursing education coupled with excellence in research and community service.

To meet its mission-vision, the college’s goals are:

1. to develop nurses who exemplify dignity and integrity through adherence to truth and righteousness;
2. to impart knowledge and skills in the nursing process that are essential in becoming critical thinkers who are also competent in health care delivery, communication and research.
3. to instill in the students the value of compassion, caring, patience and sensitivity to the needs of every individual, and
4. to provide opportunities for the students’ growth and development vital in their future career direction (i.e. teaching, hospital work, community service or research)