The Medical Technology Education aims to:

  1. Develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills in the performance of clinical laboratory procedures needed to help the physician in the proper diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention of diseases;
  2. Develop skills in critical and analytical thinking to advance  knowledge in Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science and contribute to the challenges of the profession;
  3. Develop leadership skills and to promote competence and excellence and;
  4. Uphold moral and ethical values in the service of society and in the practice of the profession.

Specific professions, careers, occupations or trades that the graduates of this program may go into.

  • Clinical Laboratory Practice:  Medical Technologists/Medical Laboratory Scientists in Hospital Laboratories, Clinics and Sanitarium.
  • Education: Medical Technologist/Medical Laboratory Scientists can be employed as faculty in colleges and universities offering Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science program to teach professional   subjects.
  • Diagnostic Industry/Drug Companies
  • Specialized Fields:
    • Medico-Legal Laboratory
    • Drug Testing Laboratory
    • HIV/AIDS Testing Laboratory
    • Information System
    • Quality Management System
    • Research
  • Other Fields Employing the Knowledge and Skills of Medical Technologists/Medical Laboratory Scientists