Lucena Gun Club 1st Practical Shooting Competition for
Criminology Students 2013


 Lucena Gun Club sponsored the 1st Practical Shooting Competition for Criminology Students 2013 in Lucena City to develop discipline in handling firearms among students. The competition also aims to enhance the shooting skills of the students in practical scenario. The Competition was participated by Criminology schools in Lucena City. Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc dominated in men's team competition while Enverga University dominated the female's team competition. Team CEFI was trained by SPO3 Fernando B. Bautista while Team Enverga was trained by (Ret) JSUPT Simpliciano Valdepena. 

 CEFI College of Criminology a Retrospect 2010-2012

Two years after CEFI offered BS Criminology in 2010, the college of criminology and criminal justice has ever since live to the expectation of the community of providing excellent academic training to students in the field of criminology, law enforcement, scientific crime investigation and detection, crime prevention, and criminal law and jurisprudence. It is the commitment of CEFI to produce competent graduates who will face challenges in criminal justice profession.