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scholarship and student aids 

Entrance Scholarships

:: Valedictorians from any governments recognized high school duly certified by the principal are given full tuition scholarships for one semester.

:: Salutatorians for any government recognized high school, duly certified by the principal are given half tuition scholarships for one semester.

:: Honors student from recognized college and universities enrolling at the CEFI shall be granted tuition scholarships for one semester provided they have satisfied the requirements for admission.

Suma Cum Laude – 100% free tuition
Magna Cum Laude – 70% free tuition
Cum Laude – 50% free tuition

Academic Scholarships

:: CEFI students obtaining an academic grade-average of:
a. 1.4 or better are given 100% tuition discount for one semester.
b. 1.75 – 1.5 are given 50% tuition discount for one semester provided the following condition are met;
1.1 the students carried the regular semester load;
1.2 the student had no grade below 2.0 in any subject;
1.3 the students had no failing grades in P.E. or NSTP.
*Certificates of recognition are also issued to these students who qualify for the academic scholarships.

Other Scholarships

:: Faculty members of the CEFI pursuing a course at this institution may also be given tuition discounts. Ditto with children of CEFI faculty members who are enrolled in any of the programs of the institution on a case-to case basis.

:: Special scholarships may be granted to graduates who garner a place in the top twenty of licensure examinations given yearly by the Professional Regulation Commission. The condition shall be set by the Administration.

:: Miss CEFI is given free tuition aid for one school year as a part of her prize. The equivalent amount in cash is refundable to the holder of the title if she is graduating.

:: Work opportunities such as student assistants are available to those who need financial help. Interested students may address their request to their School head.

:: Students who qualify for membership in the school’s varsity athletic teams are also given special scholarships.

:: The scholarships granted are, however, forfeited once the student violates the school’s rules and regulations.


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