Guidance Director
Guidance Director

At the Guidance Center, we support the journey of every CEFIzen, in pursuit of knowledge, academic excellence and lifelong learning, to be a rewarding and enjoyable one.
To help our students acquire the necessary skills and experience to become a well-educated and well-rounded citizen, we offer various services with full responsibilities of dealing students needs. Guidance services include assistance with educational and career counseling as well as personal problems, and with learning effective coping skills related to emotional conflict and interpersonal relations.

We aid students in post-secondary education and career selection, organize seminars, symposia and discussion forums on topical issues in response to students’ needs, and administer standardized tests to assess students’ individual personalities, interests and abilities.

In addition to working with students, guidance personnel are a part of the educational team including parents, teachers, administrators and specialists.  We are an integral link in the chain that support the students’ pursuit of academic, emotional and social success.

We invite you to visit our office where everyone is welcome.