Pinning Ceremony

The pinning ceremony is the culmination of the initial journey to the professional radiologic technology education held in December of each year. At this special ceremony, second year PHYSICAL THERAPY students wear their prescribed white uniform, college pin and the name plate with the physical therapy insignia that clearly distinguish them from all other health care professionals. 

Near the end of the formal procedure they will light the candle of wisdom which will always shine brightly as a symbol of care and devotion to the practice of the proferssion. They will take a pledge of loyalty by reciting the “PT Code of Ethics”.

The ceremony is also dedicated to family members who helped them along their educational journey, to a close friend, and to the spiritual power that guided them in this endeavor.


The College of Physical Therapy adopts the general regulations of graduation requirements as stated in the College Student Handbook, 2008 Edition

Special Award/s and Distinction


This award is given to a graduating PHYSICAL THERAPY student who has exhibited high level of professionalism and superior performance both in academic and clinical aspect in the field of specialization.  He/she has demonstrated compassion in patient care and showed enthusiasm for community service with distinct application of physical rehabilitation procedures. He/she has made important contributions in the entire college years of study in terms of scholastic, clinical, and research areas. Candidate must have a weighted general average of 2.0  or better with no grade lower than 2.25 in all major and professional subjects required in the curriculum. 
Named after MARY MC MILLAN, the first Physical Therapist in the United States, served as the first president of the Physical Therapy Association, and provided rehabilitative aid to injured soldiers at the University of Santo Tomas during World War II (WWII), the award recognizes student’s contribution in the promulgation of the college’s mission/vision.

BEST INTERN (Clinical Competence)

This award is given to a graduating PHYSICAL THERAPY student who has successfully completed the TEN (10) months internship programs. He/she has displayed exemplary performance in the execution of clinical duties and responsibilities entrusted to him/her. The candidate must have an enthusiastic attitude and clear understanding in physical rehabilitation management. The candidate is nominated by the clinical instructor/s of the affiliating hospital/s, dean of the college, and the clinical coordinator. Furthermore, he/she must have a weighted general average of 2.0 or better in his/her internship.