Physical Therapy Logo

The person in the center of the logo represents the patients which is the most important part of the physical rehabilitation. The crutch in the hand of the patient which is raised above the head symbolizes the freedom of patients from their disabilities with the help of physical therapists. The year 1992 is the founding year of the course in CEFI. The perfect circle enclosing the logo signifies the perfect symbol of harmony, unity and oneness of all physical therapist. Green is the symbol of hope, growth, and local and international demand for the profession.

The Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy is a five year degree program consisting of general education and professional courses totaling 208 units. This includes at least 1500 hours of clinical internship.

a.    Undergraduate Program – aims to produce physical therapists who are competent to fulfill professional responsibilities in the following areas : patient/client care in various settings for different populations, education for patients/clients and physical therapy students in professional courses, administration and management of physical therapy institutions and facilities, lifelong learning for the development of the professional, health promotion, advocacy for the advancement of the profession, community service and development, and research.

b.    Career Options – graduates of BSPT programs are expected to be able to perform any of the following roles:

a.    Clinician
b.    Educator
c.    Administrator
d.    Researcher
e.    Advocate
f.    Community-based therapist

Competency Standards
Graduates of Physical Therapy education program should be able to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to:

a.    Evaluate and assess patients/clients.
b.    Plan and implement PT interventions for patients/clients in various settings
c.    Apply teaching –learning principles in different learning environments.
d.    Employ basic management, supervisory and administrative skills
e.    Participate in research-related activities.
f.    Partake in activities related to promoting the profession.
g.    Appreciate the value of professional development and
h.    Appreciate the value of communicating/coordinating with members of health care teams.