Reception Area

RadTech Reception Area 

This is the receiving area for the arriving patients. This area has the log book for patients and the film markers for patients’ identification.


X-Ray Laboratory

RadTech Reception Area

The radiologic technology laboratory “otherwise known as the X-RAY lab hence the RT lab” is at present, located at the third floor of the Katatagan Building at the extreme right corner near the Medical Technology Laboratory.


Exposure Area & Control Panel

RadTech Exposure Area

RadTech Control Panel

This is the area wherein the different positioning of patients who have to under-go an x-ray examination is being taught as well as the different radiographic techniques, exposure techniques, equipment use and its maintenance.


Darkroom / File Area

RadTech Dark Room

This is the area wherein the students are being taught on how to process and develop the radiographic film to be able to view the examined body part after having exposed from radiation. Files to be kept safe are also within a small portion of the darkroom.