It was year 1990 when the school offered the three (3) year Associate in   Radiologic Technology course.  There were ten (10) enthusiastic students who enrolled in the program. A year after, the college was enriched and was made into a complete degree program, thus making it Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology.

Three years after, the first   batch of students who enrolled in the Associate in Radiologic Technology program were graduated; fortunately two (2) of them decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree. 
Year 1995 was when the school was cited by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as the Second Top Performing School of Radiologic Technology nationwide, owing to its exemplary performance in the board examination for Radiologic Technologists. It was also that year when two (2) graduates made it to the top ten (10) ,  Elmar L. Marciano – No. 5 and Arabella Revelar – No. 8

Due  to the  effort of the administration to achieve  academic excellence, two graduates made it again to the top twenty (20)  of the licensure examination given in 1996;  Ranulfo E. Zoleta in the 9th place and Marivic P. Laluces in the 20th place.

Like a soaring eagle, the college continuously    flapped its proud wings of excellence in the field of radiologic technology.  Before the end of the decade, the school was cited once again by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as Number Two (2) Top Performing School nationwide due to its unwavering performance in the Radiologic Technology Board Examination.

Today, armoured with pride and dignity, the college is proud of its graduates who have been performing excellently in the field of radiology, both here and abroad.