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Radiologic Technology is a profession primarily involved in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases utilizing medical imaging modalities. The program is intended to prepare students for employment as radiologic technologists/radiographers, nuclear medicine technologists, computed tomography technologists, radiation therapy technologists in hospitals, clinics, cancer centers, community health agencies and possibly in educational institution as health educators. Graduate of this program is a member of the health care team who works unswervingly with the patient and the physician in executing a broad variety of diagnostic, therapeutic and intervention procedures. The program also tends to inspire students the good values, dedication to the profession, compassion and concern to all members of the general public.

The x-ray tube at the centre signifies the distinctiveness and the foundation of radiologic technology profession.  Electrons of different colours represent the diversity of skills, knowledge, and capability of the profession that leads to various job opportunities. Electron trails symbolize the unvarying track of radiologic technology profession towards ultimate success. Circle enclosing the symbols represents the boundless demand for radiologic technology professionals. Red colour corresponds to the burning aspiration, devotion and intense passion to respond to the need of the community for radiologic technology services. The colour green signifies the professions’ concern for the care of the environment. Caduceus epitomizes its link to paramedical profession, 1973 is the founding year of the institution, and 1990 is the beginning year of the department.