The Arts and Sciences Department was established in 1974 as a response to the need of providing the Midwifery and Nursing students a broader, more relevant general education curriculum. Since then, it continued to support other paramedical programs that predominated the institution’s course offering. In 1989, it officially became a college as due recognition was awarded by the Department of Education Culture and Sports (now CHED). That same year it ventured into specialized programs such as AB Economics and AB Psychology to cater to the increasing demand for local and overseas business workforce.

However, the dwindling number of enrollees in AB Psychology resulted to the closing down of the program in 1999. Nevertheless, the college continued its endeavor to help the students and had successfully produced 19 batches of AB Economics graduates.
In its thirty nine years of existence, the College of Arts and Sciences has been significantly regarded as the cornerstone of the tertiary level’s academic function. Moreover, it came to be known as the home of the best student athletes in the province –a clear manifestation of the holistic approach it employs among all its students.

As an answer to the growing population of CEFI, it now reopened its BS Psychology program with the hope of producing more skilled professionals. To further cater to the increasing demand of the country for competent workforce in media, advertising, telemarketing and outsourcing, the college decided to offer Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.

Amidst the challenges it currently faces – the issues on education-job mismatch, the demand to enhance the curriculum, and the stiff competition among rival institutions, the College of Arts and Sciences’ unrelenting passion to achieve excellence never ceases. The college stands united to give definite purpose, meaning and direction to the society through its extensive basic instructions and specialized programs that will provide the students an opportunity to achieve an intelligent private and civic life, and a gainful occupation that make up the real essence of education.