CEFI Society of Student Criminologists (CSSC)

 CEFI Society of Student Criminologists

The purpose of the society is to assist the activities of the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice particularly in the promotion of its academic program along the areas of crime prevention, scientific detection and investigation, martial arts and community extension services (CES).  The CSSC will act as the ambassador of goodwill of the college in promoting its various programs and activities.

The society seeks to render assistance and services to the college of Criminology and Criminal Justice by offering various services in connection to the objectives of the college specially:

a.    Martial arts training like taekwondo, Arnis, and knife fighting;
b.    Sponsoring seminars in relation to crime prevention among high school students;
c.    Barangay tanod trainings in basic patrolling, and crime prevention, barangay justice;
d.    Community outreach program in collaboration with DSWD